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10 Best Series To Watch

Nostalgia feeling for bygone eras can only be found in watching old series. There are actually great series that you should watch again and again due to the addictive nature. Instead of downloading series and tv via your internet provider you can use Netflix to check them out. Here is a list of great 10 series that will keep you hooked up in your house.

Desperate Housewives – 2004-2012

This is one of the best American drama and comedy series created in 2004 by marc cherry. Desperate Housewives, it’s a series focusing on a group of women who live in a perfect suburban neighborhood. Their secretive lives are revealed after mysterious suicide of a neighbor. You will learn about their lives, family life, domestic struggles, crimes committed and dirty secrets they have.It was produced by Cherry Productions and ABC Studios.

Battlestar Galactica – 2004 -2009

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a science fiction television created by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick.The series is about 12 colonies of humans scattered in a distant part of the universe. The 12 colonies have a common enemy of a race called Cylons whose objective is to terminate the humans.Cyclons attack the colonies and only a few humans survive among them were the crew on Battlestar Galactica battleship and spacecraft. Battlestar commander leads the survivors in search of a thirteenth habitable colony called earth.

Scrubs  – 2001-2010


This is one of the best medical comedy drama series in America created by Bill Lawrence and produced by NBC and ABC studios. The television series revolves around Sacred Heart teaching hospital employees. The interns learn medicine, craft friendships and learn how to cope up with life.

Law & Order – 1990-2010

Law & Order

The creators of the great tv series were Dick Wolf and Law and Order franchise. It’s a drama about crime and how the police follow procedure when conducting investigations in the first phase of the series. The second phase of the series is about the prosecution of the case in court.

Alias – 2001-2006

A young woman by the name Sydney Bristow due to her knowledge of undercover work is recruited by central intelligence agency to be a spy and investigate the sd-6criminal organization. Her life is complicated due to her secret identity, but she is shocked when she learns the employer has no connections at all with CIA.

24 – 2001- 2010

24 is one of the amazing series to watch again and again.24 is about an agent of counter-terrorist unit CTU named Jack Bauer who deals withal the bad guys from traitors, terrorists and even assassins who attempt his life and the life of his family dozen times. The name 24 is derived from the 24 episodes in each season and the 24 hours in the life of Jack Bauer.

Friends – 1994-2004


The creators of the situation comedy series were David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The drama revolved around six friends living in New York who keep sticking their noses in each other’s business

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

This is a great television series comedy of a man who tells his children through a series of flashbacks how they met with their mother and fell in love. Ted who is the starring in the series has got a friend whose name is Marshall who triggers teds mind to search for true love through a hint that he is going to propose to Lily.Ted on his quest for true love meets Robin, but life has other plans for him.

Prison break – 2005-2009

Created by Paul Scheuring, the drama revolves around two brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. Due to a political conspiracy, Lincoln Burrows is sentenced to death for allegedly killing the vice president brother a crime he didn’t commit. Michael robs a bank after he is tattooed the map of the prison where his brother is being held to free him and prove his innocence. The plan gets complications during execution; however, they succeed freeing the jail but their problems are far from over.

The X-Files – 1993 to date

This is one of the best science fiction horror drama you should sit on your couch with your popcorns and watch again. The show revolves around two FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who have the tasks of investigating unusual cases of murder involving paranormal phenomena and their efforts are frustrated constantly by hidden forces.

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We all come to an agreement that movies offer good entertainment, escapism value, and they take us to virtual worlds, they inspire us, challenge us, offer us a window to the wider world and there a common link to humanity.

To enjoy all these benefits, you need a broadband package that has super-fast internet speeds and offers unlimited download limit. Watching movies or tv series by way of streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or downloading extensively also requires a reliable and cost-effective ISP provider. Here are some of the best, reliable Internet service providers in the United Kingdom and the United States.


verizonVerizon through Fios gives you a fiber-optic internet that is fast and ideal for streaming movies on Netflix and also downloading torrents. Here are some of their internet packages for you to evaluate.

50/50 Mbps package

The package is great for a maximum of 3 devices. You can download torrent movies, watch movies online. Stream in Netflix without buffering and surf the web. The cost of the package is $49.99 a month

100/100 Mbps package

The package can serve up to 7 devices in your household. It’s ideal for streaming HD movies in Netflix and downloading movies and surfing the web as well. The cost of the package is $59.99 a month

150/150 Mbps package

More than 8 devices can use the package at one particular time and with these kinds of speeds, you can do everything from uploading to downloading huge movies and series files. You can as well watch movies online via streaming services from Netflix without buffering. The cost of the package is $69.99 a month

300/300 Mbps package

The package can be used by more than 10 devices simultaneously connected to the internet and downloading movies. If you have an appetite for films, then this package is ideal for you. Streaming 4K videos in Netflix is no problem or watching movies online on all your devices. The package goes for $169.99 a month

500/500 Mbps package

This is the ultimate package that Verizon offers. If you’re looking for an ultimate online experience like no other, this package provides that. Tasks such as streaming movies on Netflix, downloading torrents or even uploading in this package no matter the file size it’s possible to do anything. The package goes for $269.99 a month.


Cox Communications Logo (PRNewsFoto/Cox Communications)
Cox Communications Logo (PRNewsFoto/Cox Communications)

Cox gives customers the perfect internet experience with great speeds and affordable prices it’s one of the recommended internet providers that can suit all your movies appetite. Check some of their packages

Cox Internet Essential

The package goes for $39.99 a month for 12 months. He speeds are 22 Mbps and are ideal for 3-5 devices and for lightweight download or streaming of movies. A 4hr HD movie will take about 40 minutes to download.

Cox Internet Preferred for

The package cost $59.99 a month for 12 months. With a speed of 50 Mbps downloading any torrent size or watching a movie in Netflix without buffering problems, it’s possible. The internet usage is unlimited hence you can use it as much as you like. A 4 hr. HD movie will take 12 minutes.

Cox Internet Premier

The package will cost you $64.99 a month for 12 months. The speed is up to100 Mbps and its ideal for 7-9 devices. Streaming Netflix movies and downloading or uploading torrents files is a very simple task. A 4 hr. HD movie will take 4 mins to download.

Cox Internet Ultimate

The package will cost you $84.99 a month for 12 months. The 150 Mbps speed is ideal for any online activity from watching movies online to downloading them. A 4 hr. HD series will take just 2 minutes to complete downloading

All the packages have free access to 500000 wifi hotspots available in the country

Talk Talk

talk-talk-mailTalk Talk offers the United Kingdom residents with a reliable broadband connection. This provider is great for downloading torrents. They have no data caps hence you can enjoy using their internet in an unlimited way. Here are some of their packages for you to look at.

Simply broadband package

The package has a speed of up to 17 Mbps that go for £3.75 a month for the first 18 months. It’s ideal for lightweight movie downloads

Superfast fiber broadband package

The package has a speed of up to 38 Mbps, and the good news is unlimited. You will pay for £8.75 a month for 18 months. The package is excellent for downloading torrents, streaming Netflix movies and other online related tasks

Fiber Large package

The package has speeds of up to 76 Mbps. It’s ideal for uploading files, downloading files, watching movies online and any other web task that require high-speed internet.

TalkTalk Webmail

Are you looking for a great email provider that gives you a premium webmail package? Then TalkTalk is the best provider for you.



Plus net is one of the best leading internet service providers in the United Kingdom .they have established an excellent reputation with the United Kingdom residents due to their reliability and the fact that they offer unlimited broadband which has no restrictions. Some of their packages are;

Unlimited broad package

The package costs £13.49 a month, and it’s effective for 18 months. The speeds are up to 17 Mbps and no data usage limit. For lightweight downloaders of movies, this is an excellent package for you

Unlimited fiber package

The package goes for £13.49 a month and has speeds of up to 38 Mbps. The price is valid for 12 months. This is a great package for streaming movies on Netflix and downloading torrents as well.

The unlimited fiber extra package

The package goes for £22.49 a month and has speeds of up to 76 Mbps The package offers superfast unlimited internet which is ideal for watching movies online without buffering and downloading movies as well.

All subscribers of the three packages have the privilege to access 24/7 customer support and to parents, the packages have parental control feature.

Streaming of movies and downloading of movies require good, reliable and unlimited internet connection. Analyze and evaluate the best provider who suits your needs within the two regions.

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Ultimate List Of Free Movie Streaming Sites

After a long day of work, you need something to de-stress you, rejuvenate your mind and make you forget all your troubles at least before getting to bed. Movies are the perfect remedy to kill the demon of boredom; they make someone excited, thrilled, scared and to some extent there very essential to depression patients since they help in improving their emotional well-being.

Today watching movies in theaters has become a very costly affair, and not many individuals can afford to watch at least three movies in a day due to the hard economic times we are living in. However, with the advancement of technology and the growth of the internet as well watching movies can cost you zero dollars today thanks to free movie streaming sites. Although there are a lot of torrents sites that still work more and more countries made downloading movies an illegal habit. Online streaming sites prove to be a good alternative. Watching your favorite movie from a streaming site can be done through your tablet, your phone, smart TV, car screen and your PC as long as you have good internet connections. Here are some of the benefits of watching movies on a streaming site.

  1. Free Streaming sites allow you to watch a movie for free without ever opening your wallet or using your credit card.
  2. You can watch and enjoy your movie and tv series from the comfort of your home, your office or anywhere there is a good internet connection.
  3. You have the convenience of watching your movie anytime and the privilege to pause stop rewind and forward your movie unlike in theaters

Iv’e compiled a list of free movies online streaming sites you entertain yourself with.



This is a good site to watch movies online without downloading them for free. The site has an integrated video player which allows you to enjoy your movie right from the movie page without redirections to external video links. They have many genres of movies, and also you can stream TV series as well. The site allows you to watch HD and 720 movies as well and there no sign ups required. Access the site here.


This is a new site offering absolutely free streaming of movies. The main advantage of the site is its unique design which is user-friendly, and there are no irritating pop-ups. They have an amazing collection of movies which are of high quality, and there links to the movies are fast loading. VKFLIX site is responsively designed for watching a movie from any screen size, and you can watch from any device no matter the operating system running it. Access the site here.

  1. Vumoo.AT

Probably you have heard a site called “poor man’s Netflix”, Vumoo acquired the nickname since its user-friendly, beautiful and has more than 100000 movies in its collection and the number keeps on growing.Vumoo has features such as incremental search and infinite scroll which ease your work when accessing a movie. To enjoy movies on the site, you require no signups or any membership. Access the site here.

  1. is another great alternative to Netflix since you can watch movies for free full movie and your favorite TV series. They have a massive database of thousands of movies which are categorized in genres of comedy, drama, horror, action and many others. To stream movies on the site you require no sign-up, and you get to enjoy full HD experience. Access the site here.

  1. SolarMovies

Solarmovies offers thousands of movies and TV series for you to stream and watch. Apart from the good friendly user interface the site gives you information on any movies that it’s upcoming on their domain. Access the site here.

If you love movies and TV series which are of great HD quality and latest ones, then solarmovies has what you’re looking for. In solarmovies you don’t require to register to watch a movie but there are few Ads though not irritating ones.

  1. YouTube movies

Yes, YouTube. Most people don’t know that YouTube does not only have videos but also there are movies and TV shows to stream. Just click on the movie section and you will find a collection of free movies to watch and TV series.To watch movies on YouTube you require just good internet connection since there is no sign-up, and all languages are supported. Access the site here.


If you’re looking for free movies online free streaming, then look no further since in Putlocker you can stream movies and TV series from their vast selection. The most notable feature in Putlocker is their powerful search engine which assists an individual in getting what you’re looking for almost instantly. Access the site here.

  1. WatchOnline-Movie

The site is one of the oldest existing free streaming of movies and TV series site.To enjoy their movies you require no registration supports peer to peer movie sharing. They do also support all languages and there no ads on the site.


For the lovers of Anime movies and animations, this is the place you should look at. Their thousands of movies and TV series you can stream online for free without downloading. There some extras that the site offers such movie trailers and celebrity news as well.To access all this you require is to register which is free and the good thing is the site has no annoying ads. Access the site here.

  1. 123MOVIES.To

In 123 movies site, you’re allowed to download and even stream HD movies and TV series for free. The site has many movies in nearly all languages be it Korean, German, Chinese, Hindi and much more. The site requires no registration to watch movie online unlike Netflix. To find out all the latest uploads you just need to scroll down at the sidebar. Access the site here.

Wolowtube is a good site to entertain yourself with some free movies that are not downloadable. They have a collection of more than 30000 HD movies. To stream movies, you require no sign-up, and it’s the website has no ads making it one of the best in user friendliness. Access the site here.


If you are looking for an up to date site that has high-quality videos and a great collection of movies then is the site for you. The site allows users to watch movies without downloading them, and they have thousands of movies to choose from. Access the site here.