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Ultimate List Of Free Movie Streaming Sites

After a long day of work, you need something to de-stress you, rejuvenate your mind and make you forget all your troubles at least before getting to bed. Movies are the perfect remedy to kill the demon of boredom; they make someone excited, thrilled, scared and to some extent there very essential to depression patients since they help in improving their emotional well-being.

Today watching movies in theaters has become a very costly affair, and not many individuals can afford to watch at least three movies in a day due to the hard economic times we are living in. However, with the advancement of technology and the growth of the internet as well watching movies can cost you zero dollars today thanks to free movie streaming sites. Although there are a lot of torrents sites that still work more and more countries made downloading movies an illegal habit. Online streaming sites prove to be a good alternative. Watching your favorite movie from a streaming site can be done through your tablet, your phone, smart TV, car screen and your PC as long as you have good internet connections. Here are some of the benefits of watching movies on a streaming site.

  1. Free Streaming sites allow you to watch a movie for free without ever opening your wallet or using your credit card.
  2. You can watch and enjoy your movie and tv series from the comfort of your home, your office or anywhere there is a good internet connection.
  3. You have the convenience of watching your movie anytime and the privilege to pause stop rewind and forward your movie unlike in theaters

Iv’e compiled a list of free movies online streaming sites you entertain yourself with.



This is a good site to watch movies online without downloading them for free. The site has an integrated video player which allows you to enjoy your movie right from the movie page without redirections to external video links. They have many genres of movies, and also you can stream TV series as well. The site allows you to watch HD and 720 movies as well and there no sign ups required. Access the site here.


This is a new site offering absolutely free streaming of movies. The main advantage of the site is its unique design which is user-friendly, and there are no irritating pop-ups. They have an amazing collection of movies which are of high quality, and there links to the movies are fast loading. VKFLIX site is responsively designed for watching a movie from any screen size, and you can watch from any device no matter the operating system running it. Access the site here.

  1. Vumoo.AT

Probably you have heard a site called “poor man’s Netflix”, Vumoo acquired the nickname since its user-friendly, beautiful and has more than 100000 movies in its collection and the number keeps on growing.Vumoo has features such as incremental search and infinite scroll which ease your work when accessing a movie. To enjoy movies on the site, you require no signups or any membership. Access the site here.

  1. is another great alternative to Netflix since you can watch movies for free full movie and your favorite TV series. They have a massive database of thousands of movies which are categorized in genres of comedy, drama, horror, action and many others. To stream movies on the site you require no sign-up, and you get to enjoy full HD experience. Access the site here.

  1. SolarMovies

Solarmovies offers thousands of movies and TV series for you to stream and watch. Apart from the good friendly user interface the site gives you information on any movies that it’s upcoming on their domain. Access the site here.

If you love movies and TV series which are of great HD quality and latest ones, then solarmovies has what you’re looking for. In solarmovies you don’t require to register to watch a movie but there are few Ads though not irritating ones.

  1. YouTube movies

Yes, YouTube. Most people don’t know that YouTube does not only have videos but also there are movies and TV shows to stream. Just click on the movie section and you will find a collection of free movies to watch and TV series.To watch movies on YouTube you require just good internet connection since there is no sign-up, and all languages are supported. Access the site here.


If you’re looking for free movies online free streaming, then look no further since in Putlocker you can stream movies and TV series from their vast selection. The most notable feature in Putlocker is their powerful search engine which assists an individual in getting what you’re looking for almost instantly. Access the site here.

  1. WatchOnline-Movie

The site is one of the oldest existing free streaming of movies and TV series site.To enjoy their movies you require no registration supports peer to peer movie sharing. They do also support all languages and there no ads on the site.


For the lovers of Anime movies and animations, this is the place you should look at. Their thousands of movies and TV series you can stream online for free without downloading. There some extras that the site offers such movie trailers and celebrity news as well.To access all this you require is to register which is free and the good thing is the site has no annoying ads. Access the site here.

  1. 123MOVIES.To

In 123 movies site, you’re allowed to download and even stream HD movies and TV series for free. The site has many movies in nearly all languages be it Korean, German, Chinese, Hindi and much more. The site requires no registration to watch movie online unlike Netflix. To find out all the latest uploads you just need to scroll down at the sidebar. Access the site here.

Wolowtube is a good site to entertain yourself with some free movies that are not downloadable. They have a collection of more than 30000 HD movies. To stream movies, you require no sign-up, and it’s the website has no ads making it one of the best in user friendliness. Access the site here.


If you are looking for an up to date site that has high-quality videos and a great collection of movies then is the site for you. The site allows users to watch movies without downloading them, and they have thousands of movies to choose from. Access the site here.

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Countries Its Illegal To Download

Some countries around the world have enhanced their laws to protect the creativity of artists in the music, movies, televisions shows and software development industry from the individuals who download copyrighted files from file sharing sites such as torrents. The entertainment industry, artist and the government as well has been losing billions of dollars in revenues from piracy hence the introduction of harsh, strict laws that are meant to combat violation of copyright law and curb digital piracy. Here are some of the countries around the world that will punish you with fines and even jail terms for downloading pirated content from the internet.

  1. Germany

Germany is one of the harshest countries in the enforcement of laws regarding downloading illegal content such as torrents. Watching or rather streaming a movie online will be violating German law. Sharing files using peer to peer sharing protocol is also prohibited in Germany.

The government through special law firms sends compensation claims to offenders, and the cost of a single download will cost you between €300 to €1100. Repeated violation of the law will attract a jail term which is not less than 2 years.

  1. New Zealand

In September 2011 New Zealand parliament enacted copyright infringement file sharing act. The act states that anyone caught violating the law like sharing or uploading copyrighted material will receive three warning, and after that, a fine of £7,900 or more will be imposed, and your internet connection will be disconnected as well. This act has resulted in many individuals abstaining from downloading illegal content and opting for legal sources to watch movies online such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant video.

  1. United States of America

Uploading, downloading, rental or distribution of unauthorized copies of copyrighted content through any medium in the USA is violating the law which will see you subjected to a civil and criminal liability. The punishment is well written under section 2319of the title 18 which you can be fined thousands of dollars or convicted and serve a jail term of not more than 6 years.

  1. Sweden

Most Swedes are opting for legal sources of downloading content or streaming sites such as Netflix due to the severe regulations and restrictions imposed on using file sharing sites. Downloading illegal torrents or uploading of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

Sweden being one of the countries in Scandinavia enjoys the control of Nordic Content Protection which ensures that piracy and violation of copyright law on the TV industry is controlled and stopped. Bleaching of Act SFS 2000:171 will award you with a jail term of 2 years and hefty fines are also applicable.

  1. Denmark

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe hence it’s also under the protection of Nordic Content Protection. Downloading or uploading content that you fully don’t own the copyrights you is restricted under the law. Denmark has tried to win the anti-piracy battle by introducing laws such as Denmark radio and television law section 91 and breaking the law in Denmark will see you get severe fines or even an imprisonment of not more than 6 years.

  1. Italy

In Italy, the government uses ISP provider to disconnect offenders from the service when they download copyrighted material from the internet with the first notice. Italy its strict and has one of the toughest laws in the world since downloading or uploading of illegal files for commercial purpose or personal use will see you fined $ 1500- $300000 or a jail time of 3 years or both. For users of peer to peer file sharing, this is one of the laws that discourage such a practice.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom government has regularly been revising the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and other laws that will curb piracy. The current law ensures that offenders receive a maximum of 2 years incarceration for infringement and stealing of someone’s content. Downloading or uploading torrents in U.K violates intellectual property law and as a result, your ISP provider issues warnings and a legal action is usually taken which may result in a conviction.

Recent changes in the law could see the number of years one can serve jail time increase to 10 years and in addition to heavy fines.

  1. France

France has an agency called Higher Authority For the Distribution of Works and the Protection of Copyright on the Internet ( Hadopi).Its work is to analyze and monitor file sharing networks and if your caught three emails are sent to you as warnings and if the piracy continues you can appear before a judge. Disconnection from your ISP, jail terms, and fines are some of the consequences of downloading or uploading illegal content.

  1. India

India government has been on the forefront in the fight against piracy. The government has closed some of the websites that promote copyrighted material and convicted owners of these sites. Under section 63, 63-A, 65 and 65 A of the Indian copyright act 1957 offenders are liable to a jail time of 3 years and a fine of Rs 310000.

Download movies, Illegal downloading, Movies, TV Series

Torrent Sites That Still Work

Torrents usually allow users to simply share copyrighted material such as movies, Anime. Television shows, music, games, books, applications, documents and other types of files across the world through peer to peer file sharing protocol. Although many torrent websites do not host the copyrighted files, they usually provide a gateway for users to access them. Governments have been pressured by entertainment giants and artists such as Sony Pictures, Viacom, Netflix, Walt Disney company, Universal music group, Warner bros entertainment to combat copyright infringement by cracking down digital piracy.

Several governments such as the United States government and the United Kingdom government have head to the call, and the outcome has led to kickass torrent and the most famous and most visited torrent sites in the world shut down. The entertainment industry reports losses of more than $ 1 billion to piracy in one torrent site alone. Millions of people have turned to download content from torrent sites since it’s free unlike sources such as Netflix which require a subscription fee although the money is used to pay artists and generate revenue to publishing companies. However not all torrent sites have come in contact with law enforcement agencies, there exist others out there and there working and functional. Here are some of the torrent Sites that still work.

torrents-meTorrents. me is one of the sites that works with a similar interface such as the closed The sites merge all the prevalent torrent sites and private tracker sites in a multi torrent search. Some of the sites combined are pirate bay, rutracker, extra tor and many others. Adding favorite torrent sites in the site is easy and there more than 160 torrents sites and more than 40 private torrent trackers that you can explore.

bitsnoopBitsnoop has managed to avoid legal entanglements with governments and its one of the best free torrent sites out there.Bitsnoop is assumed to have the largest database of torrents since the site has 23 million torrents and more than 29 PB of indexed files. Torrents categories that exist in Bitsnoop torrent are Audio, Video, Games, Software, and others (books, pictures, comics)


torrenthoundWith more than 8 million torrent files and more than 200 million downloaded files torrent hound definitely is one of the giant players in the torrent industry. It’s a worldwide bit torrent search engine which permits users to download torrents on all trackers that it’s seeding. Browsing through the torrent files in the site is easy and due to security issues the site is advising its members to register in their underground binary channel for free to get the newest movies, games application and other downloadable materials.


limetorrentsLime torrent like many other torrents sites does not host torrent files in their servers, but they host links of torrents hosted by other sites. The torrent site is child-friendly since it does not host links of adult submission on their site and most of their torrent files are verified. With more than 2.5 million torrents and close to 4000 users online at any given time, the Lime Torrent has witnessed some growth since it is one of the most recommended sites to download due to its quality of seeds and non-existence of fake files in their catalog. Their catalog of torrents is comprised of movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Anime, Applications and others.

extratorrentIt’s one of the major bit torrent system in the world with monthly unique visitors of 50 million. If you’re searching for any torrent the site has a powerful engine that can search all kind of torrent files. In the recent years, the site has registered more members especially with the closure of Kickass torrent and others.


thunderbytesThe site has few members since it restricts its access from individuals within some given countries. This restriction has seen the site reduce the number of fake torrents in their catalog of downloads making it one of the music torrenting websites and other files. Being a member of Thunderbytes, you require to a donor in the site, or you can be sponsored by an existing user.


1337xThis torrent website mainly receives high traffic from India since it’s a subdomain of torrent bay their catalog you will find adult content, movies, games, documentaries, applications, music, television shows, Anime, and others.

Pirate Bay

piratebayThis is the world’s currently largest bit torrent indexer. Monthly the site receives more than 50 million unique visitors and has the largest database of torrent links than any other torrent site.In the recent years, the site has been shutting down more often and operating under many hydra domain names until recently. The site catalog offers visitors audio, video, applications, games and other content.

Torrent sites are threatening the existence of paid streaming sites such Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video, sling orange, play station Vue and other free movies online streaming sites. The crackdown on torrent sites will continue according to the cyber crime unit department in many European Union countries and the United States.