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Torrent Sites That Still Work

Torrents usually allow users to simply share copyrighted material such as movies, Anime. Television shows, music, games, books, applications, documents and other types of files across the world through peer to peer file sharing protocol. Although many torrent websites do not host the copyrighted files, they usually provide a gateway for users to access them. Governments have been pressured by entertainment giants and artists such as Sony Pictures, Viacom, Netflix, Walt Disney company, Universal music group, Warner bros entertainment to combat copyright infringement by cracking down digital piracy.

Several governments such as the United States government and the United Kingdom government have head to the call, and the outcome has led to kickass torrent and the most famous and most visited torrent sites in the world shut down. The entertainment industry reports losses of more than $ 1 billion to piracy in one torrent site alone. Millions of people have turned to download content from torrent sites since it’s free unlike sources such as Netflix which require a subscription fee although the money is used to pay artists and generate revenue to publishing companies. However not all torrent sites have come in contact with law enforcement agencies, there exist others out there and there working and functional. Here are some of the torrent Sites that still work.

torrents-meTorrents. me is one of the sites that works with a similar interface such as the closed The sites merge all the prevalent torrent sites and private tracker sites in a multi torrent search. Some of the sites combined are pirate bay, rutracker, extra tor and many others. Adding favorite torrent sites in the site is easy and there more than 160 torrents sites and more than 40 private torrent trackers that you can explore.

bitsnoopBitsnoop has managed to avoid legal entanglements with governments and its one of the best free torrent sites out there.Bitsnoop is assumed to have the largest database of torrents since the site has 23 million torrents and more than 29 PB of indexed files. Torrents categories that exist in Bitsnoop torrent are Audio, Video, Games, Software, and others (books, pictures, comics)


torrenthoundWith more than 8 million torrent files and more than 200 million downloaded files torrent hound definitely is one of the giant players in the torrent industry. It’s a worldwide bit torrent search engine which permits users to download torrents on all trackers that it’s seeding. Browsing through the torrent files in the site is easy and due to security issues the site is advising its members to register in their underground binary channel for free to get the newest movies, games application and other downloadable materials.


limetorrentsLime torrent like many other torrents sites does not host torrent files in their servers, but they host links of torrents hosted by other sites. The torrent site is child-friendly since it does not host links of adult submission on their site and most of their torrent files are verified. With more than 2.5 million torrents and close to 4000 users online at any given time, the Lime Torrent has witnessed some growth since it is one of the most recommended sites to download due to its quality of seeds and non-existence of fake files in their catalog. Their catalog of torrents is comprised of movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Anime, Applications and others.

extratorrentIt’s one of the major bit torrent system in the world with monthly unique visitors of 50 million. If you’re searching for any torrent the site has a powerful engine that can search all kind of torrent files. In the recent years, the site has registered more members especially with the closure of Kickass torrent and others.


thunderbytesThe site has few members since it restricts its access from individuals within some given countries. This restriction has seen the site reduce the number of fake torrents in their catalog of downloads making it one of the music torrenting websites and other files. Being a member of Thunderbytes, you require to a donor in the site, or you can be sponsored by an existing user.


1337xThis torrent website mainly receives high traffic from India since it’s a subdomain of torrent bay their catalog you will find adult content, movies, games, documentaries, applications, music, television shows, Anime, and others.

Pirate Bay

piratebayThis is the world’s currently largest bit torrent indexer. Monthly the site receives more than 50 million unique visitors and has the largest database of torrent links than any other torrent site.In the recent years, the site has been shutting down more often and operating under many hydra domain names until recently. The site catalog offers visitors audio, video, applications, games and other content.

Torrent sites are threatening the existence of paid streaming sites such Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video, sling orange, play station Vue and other free movies online streaming sites. The crackdown on torrent sites will continue according to the cyber crime unit department in many European Union countries and the United States.


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